Who we are and why we're doing this

Born from our roots as Mobile App Developers, VideoHeroes has evolved into a comprehensive platform crafted with a deep understanding of publishers' needs. Our technology is thoughtfully designed to equip them with the best-in-class tools and solutions, empowering them to achieve their goals with utmost efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster the growth and prosperity of the independent web by forging meaningful connections between publishers and advertisers, powered by genuine technological innovation.

Our Way

With a client-first approach, we harness our extensive R&D resources and data science expertise to create a diverse array of programmatic solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our partners.

Our Values

While operating in the realm of advanced technology, VideoHeroes remains grounded in simple and human values and principles.


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Meet Our
Leadership Team

Kike Rodríguez

Managing Director

José Carlos Cardenal

Global Programmatic Director

Marcos Lopez

Customer Success Partner

Claudia Torrego

Senior Director of
Global Strategic Partnerships

Alia Cherif

International Business Development Senior Director

Jordan Fox

Head of Product Marketing

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